Sourcing :
We source products and suppliers confirming your instructions and demands.

Regarding to our experience, build up through out the years we established an excellent and widely spread network all over China.
Due to privacy reasons and new (confidential) projects, we are not able to show photos of all products we handle or sourced on our website

Some products we sourced :
– Recycled plastics

– Recycled plastics LDPE 98/2
– Granite and natural stone

– All Terrain Vehicles
– Go Karts
– Quilt covers
– Bed covers
– Airconditioning
– Wooden casks
– Air Matress

– Can coolers
– Polyresin items
– Polyresin items (1)
– Garden furniture
– Garden furniture (1)
– Garden furniture (2)
– Garden furniture (3)
– Dog and pet house
– Planters (1)
– USB VoIP phones
– Gas patioheaters
– Lamp HQI
– LED light 1 – 2
– LED floodlight 1 – 2

Quality checks

Quality checking before shipping of your valuable goods ? We execute quality checks for companies from all over the world. Our teams work, day by day, all over China and our (Western) standards and qualified staff is highly appreciated.
Due to privacy reasons and new (confidential) projects, we are not able to show photos of all products we handle or sourced

Some products we checked :
– Granite
– Polyresin
– Polyresin (1)
– Umbrellas

– Roller shells
– Luggage set
– Lanyards / keycords
– Stress balls
– Planters (1)
– USB VoIP phones (1)
– USB VoIP phones (2)
– Garden furniture
– Garden furniture (1)
– Garden furniture (2)
– Garden furniture (3)
– Dog and pet house
– HQI lamps
– Gas patioheaters
– LED lights
– LED lights for outdoor and indoor
– LED street light, garden lights
– Solar lights

INCO terms

Logistics department Europe
Pieter Zeemanweg 167
3316 GZ Dordrecht
the Netherlands
Phone: +31 546 573311
E-mail :
Logistics department China 
Unit L2,15th Floor
Yinsheng Bldg,Xiangyu Free Trade Zone
361004 Xiamen – P.R. ChinaMobile : +86 13 85 00 60 432
E-mail :

Seafreight  (click)
Shipping of LCL, FCL or High Reefer, shipping to all destinations.
From Asia to Europe from Europe to Asia.
Just contact us for the best service you can get, our own specialists are ready to serve you.

Container specifications (click)

Airfreight  (click)
Airfreight, shipping to destinations all over the world.
Just contact us for more information.
Warehousing (click)
You want to store your goods, waiting for quality checks or sending on demand ? We do have own warehouse facilities all over China.

Own office service

Your own onsite office in China ?
We take care of your own office in China, well trained and qualified local staff is available.
Our office in China is under Dutch management.

Exhibition service
We are able to assist you in all business related to exhibitions. We organise your booth in China or elsewhere. We could offer you guidance of well trained and qualified staff during your visit in China or Europe
Because this is a wide field of assistance, just contact us for the options.

We offer tailor-made juridical trainings for legal professionals in cooperation with respectful and prestigious international law firms. We cover a broad range of Dutch and EU law.
Trainingprograms are offered in English and Mandarin.

We also offer legal and juridical services all over Europe and China.
If you want to do business in Europe or China, we strongly advise you take professional and legal advise.

Our specialists do have an excellent experience in this difficult and wide field.


We are able to offer interpreter services for :
– English – Chinese
– Chinese – English
– Dutch – Chinese
– Chinese – Dutch

Translation of ie. important documents, letters, contracts etc. from English – Chinese, Chinese – English, Chinese – Dutch or Dutch – Chinese.

You need more information about the options and fees ? Just contact us !

Educational services

In cooperation with Dutch Universities we are able to offer educational services.
Studying in the Netherlands starts with people who care about you.

For more information please contact us.( ) 中文

Marketing research

Marketing is key to any organization’s success. Market forces are dynamic and dependent on a variety of factors. Thorough understanding of these forces enables organizations to position their products or services effectively to cater to a target market’s needs.

We help our clients by:

  • Understanding the competitive landscape and positioning
  • Developing unique, long-lasting customer experiences
  • Creating customer interactions that identify key target market segments
  • Forming market entry, market expansion and growth strategies
  • Devising product or service differentiation strategies

We offer this qualified service in cooperation with our Shanghai partner.